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Everyone experiences situations that test our resilience at some point in life.  Our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health work together to help us ride the waves of life with little negative effects.  Resilience is often referred to as your "bounce back" ability.

 Sometimes life's events overwhelm our coping skills and leave us feeling as if we are running "on empty"; with no bounce back left.  The events that activate the loss of resiliency are different for everyone.

For some it will be an injury or illness, marriage or divorce, or loss of job.  For others it will be a natural disaster, a new baby or the death of a loved one. And others will have a collection of micro traumas that collect over time and erupt with a less life altering situation such as a change in job duties, reporting to a new boss, or having to return to office after working at home for years. 

Resilience is the ability to adapt and overcome to the changes or misfortune in our lives without suffering negative consequences.

It's our individual ability to adjust to new or changing situations and stress without suffering long lasting emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual injury.

Resilience is your invisible shield for mental health.

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In life we have a series of events that we navigate daily. A missed bus, a traffic delay, an unplanned meeting. These activating events are like waves in the ocean.  We often adapt and overcome many events on a regular basis. When the challenges feel too hard or are too frequent, our resiliency wears down and our ability to adjust quickly begins to fade. In it's place you may notice increased negative feelings and thoughts, changes to sleep and eating patterns, relationships become more adversarial.

The Zone of Resilience and Wellbeing Program is designed to guide attendees through 8 domains of their lives to restore their ability to ride the waves and improve their ability to adapt, overcome, and rise to the challenges.

 Attendees will gain valuable insights and learn how to implement resources that will help:

  • ​Building self compassion and awareness 
  • ​Creating a personalized​ Self Care Plan
  • ​Enhancing Problem Solving Abilities and Confidence
  • ​Communication skills and relationships
  • ​Goal setting and Follow Up
  • ​Recognizing personal strengths and resources

Following a program in Resiliency Training, people experience the following benefits: 

  • ​The ability to recognize and intervene when persisting negative thoughts linger after an event
  • ​An increase in joy and quality of life
  • ​Ability to move past stressors quicker and with greater purpose
  • ​Energy for the things you love
  • ​​Perform better

A Personalized Experience in a Group Setting

Benefits of Resilience in Life

  • ​​
  • ​Experience more beneficial feelings
  • ​Increased self awareness and confidence
  • ​Improve communication skills with others
  • ​Encourage creativity
  • ​Enjoy a more fulfilling life
  • ​Find joy in the small things
  • ​Better understand our own needs and boundaries
  • ​Enjoy the flexibility and adaptability that comes with better resilience

Benefits of Resilience at Work

  • Enhance problem solving so you can focus on the issue and reach common ground
  • ​Share ideas and explore options
  • ​Prevent Burnout
  • ​Competitive advantage as teams who work well together can ride the waves of change and weather difficult challenges
  • ​​Prevent negative experiences from clouding your judgement

What will Attendees Learn?

  • Strategies to reach your potential as you adapt to everyday challenges, and the not so everyday
  • ​​Method to quickly assess your Resilience Status in any moment so you can make better decisions that are aligned with your values and goals, even when you feel uncertain
  • ​​​Identify your Resilience Allies to improve focus and clarity on actions to take that support you and your mental health

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