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Gracefully end talksicity and bullying Today and
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She changed my whole perspective!

"I just watched Tammy's session and I am so excited, she changed my whole perspective on speaking up versus speaking with, on conflict management versus conflict engagement, and one thing for me personally is not letting my emotions lead me. I loved that!

I wish I could just memorize everything that she said but I have three things that I will always forever practice!"

Rose Marie Garcia, Project Manager
Gracefully Address Workplace Bullying 

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"My mind and interactions are profoundly changed each time I hear your presentation"

It also shows on the faces of the participants; deep thinking and reorganizing of one's paradigm of relating to people. It's amazingly empowering!

- Lauren Jensen

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"Insightful and dynamic"

An insightful and dynamic speaker, sharing a healthy balance of personal experiences and professional expertise. She was engaging and facilitated a conversation with the audience that created learning and motivation to act positively and gracefully to address bulling behaviour. I will be using the learnings and tools! Keep sharing your story. You are making a difference.

- Cathy Dormody

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"This was huge for me!"

Learning that I did not have to box myself into a personality type, and then write off my reactions in conflict as "out of control" due to that personality type was huge for me.

I can now see that self awareness is so important in conflict resolution, an an inaccurate concept of self can be a barrier. Understanding that the end goal is to resolve conflict, not avoid it - this was huge for me

- Shireen Brooks

Become unforgettable as you move from inspiration into purposeful, intentional, and graceful action
with an entertaining and evidence-based presentation that will empower
you and your team to be a part of the (re)solution.

As Your Chief Talkicologist, I give an insider's perspective along with the practical strategies and tools you need to be a part of the (Re)solution. End talksicity and bullying today and create a culture of respect and support.

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Gracefully Address Workplace Bullies,
Without Risking Your Career

Keynote Description

Unlock the power of compassionate and heart-centered leadership by cultivating a psychologically safe workplace. The harsh reality is that employees regularly report witnessing or experiencing workplace bullying, contributing to talk-sick environments that jeopardize both professional practice and organizational outcomes.

In this compelling keynote presentation, you'll gain access to tools not taught in traditional education – tools that transcend playground tactics, empowering you to lead real-world change with effective solutions. "Gracefully Addressing Workplace Bullying" will inspire you to have more courageous conversations and equips you with the essential resources to confidently navigate difficult dialogues.


At the end of this keynote presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Learn the crucial skill of differentiating between a challenging day and a genuine case of workplace bullying
  • Spot the signs and examine the consequences of workplace bullying
  • ​Embrace three mindset shifts to effectively address offensive behaviors
  • Engage and ApproachDifficult Conversations Using the Graceful Model


This presentation is designed for all professionals and leaders and is tailored to your audience (i.e. healthcare, post secondary education, military)

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Tammy Dunnett png

Tammy Dunnett, Chief Talkiscologist

Tammy Dunnett CPCC, MN BN is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Human Behaviour Consultant (DISC), a Psychological Health and Safety Advisor and trained in Boss Whispering and Positive Intelligence.

Graceful Leadership Strategies to Address Bullying and Incivility

Keynote Description

Incivility and bullying claims lives.  From employees experiencing more mental and physical health challenges to the impact on patient care, there is no denying that bullying hurts everyone.

Creating psychological safety in healthcare is everyone's business and healthcare organizations know that leaders of all levels have responsibility to model respectful workplace interactions. But who is leading the leaders?

In this keynote presentation, leaders will learn two key factors undermining a psychological safe workplace, and learn graceful leadership strategies to creating respectful and supportive work environments.

When leaders are equipped with the right tools and support, everyone wins.


At the end of this keynote presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Uncover Two Reasons Why Incivility and Bullying Still Exist in Your Organization
  • Explore 3 Powerful Insights Behind Talk-Sick Workplace Behaviors
  • ​Learn the difference between a bad day and a bully​, and why your leadership style matters
  • ​Graceful Leadership Model to ending Workplace Incivility and Bullying


This presentation is designed for all healthcare leaders

Tammy Dunnett, Chief Talkiscologist

Tammy Dunnett CPCC, MN BN is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Human Behaviour Consultant (DISC), a Psychological Health and Safety Advisor and trained in Boss Whispering and Positive Intelligence.

The Possibilities are Endless When We Share Resources

Stories of Transformation from Attendees of "Gracefully Addressing Workplace Bullies"

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"I feel confident now to address a bully!"

I saw the presentation by Tammy on How to Gracefully address a bully. It was a great presentation and it provided me with effective tools for how to deal with a bully such as being able to identify and describe the behaviors that are causing potential harm to an individual or yourself and I feel very confident now on how to address a bully going forward in the workplace or in my personal life

- Kristi Heins

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"I feel empowered to step in and stop the trend"

I have gained a lot of respect and certainly feel more comfortable in the tools that she identified. With these tools I feel much more empowered in being able to step in and stop the trend of eating our young. We should be empowering our colleagues to do the right thing. To be a role model. These tools will allow us to improve peoples careers and peoples in lives in general

- Carmel Skeleton

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Tammy did a fabulous job at addressing the simplicity of how to address and strategize to deal with harassment and bullying in the workplace. I love how she simplified the steps and if those steps had been present to me many, many, years ago I would probably not have had had the experience that I did. I thank Tammy for providing that to us,

- Tracey Aeillo

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and hold accredition with the International Coach Federation. As such I adhere to the ICF Ethics and Guidelines.


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