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Tackling the Tough Talk 

Leaders report spending up to 42% of their workday dealing with interpersonal issues. 

They also report spending longer hours at the office to get their work done as a result of dealing with staff complaints. 

If your office has become a dumping ground and is costing you time and money, it is time to tackle the tough talk.

    • Time Saving Strategies to drill down to the heart of an issue and build capacity in the team
    • ​Side stepping the dangers of Triangulation Trap and the Ladder of Abstraction
    •  Designing solution focused strategies to confidently handle difficult conversations and keep your relationship intact

    Minimize Conflict, Maximize Connections:
    The Power of Perception

    Clarity of intention and clarity in communication are the antidotes to conflict and also the sure path to stronger connections in the workplace. 

     This program is designed to help your nurses ensure that the perceptions they want others to have about their intentions and their words are in line with reality. Your audience will discover:

      • Perception problems that cloud their workspace and cause conflicts
      • Feature: Four steps of perception and the factors that influence our ability to perceive 
      • The difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict
      • ​Safe conversational starters that will transform typically hostile conversations into helpful ones.

      Working Short .... Again. The Hidden Killer of Productivity and Profits

      Workplace bullying and incivility affects the workplace, the clients, the employees, the stakeholders and the community. With telltale signs of decreasing productivity, increasing absenteeism and sky rocketing costs related to employee benefits, organizations are waking up to a new pandemic, a "poisoned" workplace and the importance of psychological safety.

        •  Explore the causes and costs of workplace bullying 
        • ​Co-creating a culture of accountability and responsibility: all members matter
        • ​10 most common forms of incivility, bully like behaviors and bullying: and how to identify the difference
        • Designing psychological safe workplaces

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