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Leadership Communication Training Solutions;
Influential Leaders Become Unforgettable Leaders

Research by Peter Miller found that a leader spends 75% – 90% of their time communicating and the most effective and successful leaders know the power of effective communication. The Influential Leadership Program helps your leaders with the following development needs:​

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of effective leadership and allows leaders to shift their mindset from one of limitation to one of possibility, empowering them to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation

Imposter Syndrome

 Overcome self-doubt with resilience and grace, ultimately unlocking their full potential as visionary leaders

Emotional Intelligence

Hands-on learning and scenario based learning create interactive environments to keep participants engaged and boost their confidence and competence 

Prioritization and Delegation

Hands-on learning and scenario based learning create interactive environments to keep participants engaged and boost their confidence and competence 

360 Leadership

Every session is structured so that the tools can be immediately and easily applied in real world situations

Work Life Balance

Participants interact with the content based on their leadership goals to ensure a seamless integration of the tools

Difficult Conversations

Hands-on learning and scenario based learning create interactive environments to keep participants engaged and boost their confidence and competence 


Hands-on learning and scenario based learning create interactive environments to keep participants engaged and boost their confidence and competence 

What Makes Influence: The Program Different?

The Facilitator. The Content. The Guarantee

Tammy Dunnett has been facilitating training on communication skills and leadership for more than 12 years. She has out-conned a con man, successfully advocated for fair treatment of the enemy under medical care in a war zone, and gracefully addressed workplace bullying behaviors to rebuild safe working relationships. 

For more than 20 years, Tammy has been working in some of the most challenging and even hostile environments like Afghanistan, nursing, and post secondary education. She knows what it takes to be graceful under pressure and remain effective in stressful environments.

Influence is a premium leadership development program and I am so confident you will see a difference in your leadership, I am offering a money back guarantee.  Influence is:

Proven to Work
Real World Application

Fluff free content providing leaders with insights, tools, and strategies for  immediate application to real world situations

Personalized to Accelerate Your Growth

Leadership assessments and one on one coaching to set the stage for personalized goals a seamless integration of the tools

Interactive, Engaging, Experiential Learning

Hands-on and scenario based learning keep participants engaged and boost their confidence and competence 


Participants receive comprehensive support through group sessions, personalized one-on-one coaching and access to on demand resource library, video lessons, and templates ​

Feedback Informed

An environment rich in real time feedback for leaders to gain valuable insights into their strengths and areas for growth, and progress towards goals

the HeART & Science

Learn coaching skills and communication skills founded in Emotional Intelligence, Human Behavior, Boss Whispering, Workplace Bullying and Positive Psychology 

This Program Qualifies for the Alberta Job Grant

Investing in the training of your employees may qualify you to receive up to 65% grant coverage
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The Keys to Successful Leadership are Waiting for You Inside Influence

“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority”
​Kenneth Blanchard

Pre Course Assessment and Debrief

DISC Assessment, Debrief and
Personalized Goal Setting Session

The first step to building stronger, more effective and influential communication is awareness. 

Whether you are new to DISC or have been introduced to it before, the DISC Assessment, Report, One on One Debrief and Goal Setting Session is the foundation for your personalized journey through Influence.

The DISC Assessment and Report makes it easy to identify and understand your communication preferences, your behaviours under stress, what motivates you, and what you bring to the organization.  It also provides insights into how you can recognize others preferences, needs, and motivators so you can intentionally design interactions and adapt to different styles, maximizing your influence.

The DISC insights are woven throughout the program to bring life into the results and support the advancement of your leadership skills with a proven strategy.

Module 1
Influence Awareness and Confidence

Key Themes: Discover your Leader Within, establish a purpose for your leadership,
and develop strategies to overcome the things that are holding you back

Before you can successfully lead others, you need to grow the leader within you. DISC Insights, when paired with a leadership program and/or working with a coach is one of the best ways to begin developing the leader within. A 2022 Gallup study reports that those that undergo leadership training improved their learning capacity by 25% and their performance by 20%.

Your Leader

Your Leader Within serves as the cornerstone for self-acceptance and self-authority and impacts your ability lead with integrity and to bring out the best in others​

Saboteurs & Imposter Syndrome

Recognize and navigate fear-based behaviours like self doubt and imposter syndrome that threaten your success by corroding trust and confidence, both internally and in the people around us

Value Informed

Explore the world of value based leadership, an approach that emphasizes the importance of aligning your mindset, actions, and decisions with your personal and organizational values 

Power Up Your Word Choice

In leadership, the words we use matter. Our colleagues, leaders, and team members listen closely to what we say, and how we say it and it determines how we will be received -positively, negatively, influentially   

Module 2
Influence Healthy Relationships with Communication

Key Themes: Communication Skills for the Everyday and Not So Everyday Conversations

Learn to communicate more effectively in difficult situations with techniques and strategies to make difficult communication easier and less stressful resulting in improved team performance, enhanced collaboration, and ultimately, greater organizational success.

Conflict Engagement
& Resolution Model

See conflict as an opportunity to build trust within your leadership by using The Conflict Engagement model, a human-centered approach to resolving issues through connection 

Feedback Feedback

Feedback is a vital tool for leaders to help employees develop, achieve goals, and meet organizational needs. We review some popular models and give you tips to make your feedback more meaningful (and less scary)


Boundaries and

Boundaries, and the communication of them, help to maintain a healthy work-life balance while simultaneously creating the conditions for success by providing critical information around expectations, roles, and workload

Coaching Difficult

It's every leader's responsibility to build the conversational skill set of their team members, especially when difficult conversations arise.  Practice coaching and mentoring others through scenario based learning


Module 3
Influence Across the Organization

Key Themes: Leading Across the Organization; Adapt Communication Styles to Gain Influence in Other Circles

Unlock your leadership growth, potential, and influence as you skillfully adapt your communication skills to the audience at hand, and effectively lead across the organization

Growth & Development of Employees

Learn the art of delegation and realize the numerous benefits to the development of your employees confidence and skillset, while reducing your workload and stress and improving morale, team engagement, and productivity

Grow Your Network
Across the Organization

Positional Power is the lowest form of leadership. Influencing across the organization is to build relationships and trust among your peers and other people you don't have positional leadership over by helping them be successful

Leading Up To
Your Leadership Team

Learn how to add value to the leaders above you by understanding their preferences and key motivators and position yourself as a go-to leader

Your Next 90 Days

Effective leaders recognize that they must adapt and grow to meet these evolving challenges. Influential leaders are committed to continuous learning and development and plan for it

A Sneak Peak Inside Your Influence

How We Will Work Together

  • Get ready to break the chains of self doubt, uncertainty, imposter syndrome and lack lustre results that are keeping you from performing at your peak
  • ​Take the guesswork out of what to say when ... with templates, frameworks and live support using​ research based and scientifically proven strategies that get results
  • ​Live mentoring and coaching in a community focused on supporting your goals and vision
  • ​Avoid common pitfalls as you gracefully transition to a masterful and courageous communicator capable of leaping buildings in a single bound (oh, wait, that is Superman ... fair warning, you may feel like superman after this course but don't attempt to leap over buildings)
  • ​Like opening a window for a breath of fresh air, your one on one coaching sessions are a place where you can exhale, and get real with the struggles in your path
  • ​Together, we take a new approach to look at a current problem so you can get outside of the box you feel squeezed into and moving towards the vision you hold for your life
  • ​Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions​ tailored to your schedule and needs to help you build confidence and competence as you master the content
  • Downloadable worksheets 
  • ​Frameworks and Scripts to guide your conversations
  • ​Templates, transcripts, tutorials
  • ​Responsive resources ​
  • ​Nothing left out, nothing is assumed
  • Prefer to listen while you walk in the park?  No problem! There are many benefits to listening while you "work" so go ahead and lace up those shoes. 
  • Audio files help increase information retention and integration of course content
  • ​Tap into the flexibility of learning without having to be in a physical location.
  • ​Listen while you drive, cook, paint, or clean.​
  • Timely Resources, listen as often as you like and when you need it
  • All your content in one place
  • ​100% Community and support

... that is not all

Register today and receive these three hand picked BONUSES for free

Communication Skills for Leaders

Over 20 Expert Sessions on topics today's leader needs such as

✔️ Emotional Intelligence
✔️ Build a Culture of Feedback
✔️ Become a TRUSTed Leader
✔️ Outsmart Imposter Syndrome
✔️ Becoming Trauma Informed
✔️ Avoiding Burnout
✔️ and so much more

Energetic Levels of Conflict

Trina Serrecchia is a Transformational Business Energetics mindset coach and in this workshop presents the six levels of transformation to help you reduce imposter syndrome & self-sabotage so you can increase self-worth, and step into your full potential

Dissolve Workplace Conflict

Ditch the Drama, Confidently Handle Difficult Conversations, and Create Better Relationships with these expert sessions:

✔️ Designing your Personal Brand
✔️ Uncovering Unconscious Bias
✔️ Partnering with Human Resources
✔️ Happiness in the Workplace
✔️ Conflict and Bullying Strategies
✔️ and so much more

Good leaders rarely think in terms of boundaries;
they think in terms of possibilities and opportunities

Changing the Way Leadership is Done,
one Conversation at a Time

Hi! My name is Tammy and for more than 20 years I have been working in some of the most challenging and even hostile environments like Afghanistan, nursing, and post secondary education

I know what it takes for leaders to be successful in stressful environments and I help you leverage the power of relationships to drive productivity, outcomes and results 

As an executive leadership coach and experienced facilitator with more than 5000 hours training and speaking with leaders at all levels, I have personally supported leaders in post secondary education, healthcare, government, technology, legal system, and human resources in Canada and the United States to improve work cultures, build trust, and improve retention rates.

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Cohort Learning Community 

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Live Online Classroom

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Expert Resources

over 50 additional expert resources to help you address your toughest topics

Private 1:1 Coaching

Personalized support in a private coaching setting with a certified professional leadership coach (ACC, CPCC)

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Registration Includes

  • 24 hours of Live training over 6 biweekly classes
  • ​​Online learning modules with activities and assignments
  • ​5 hours of Private 1:1 leadership coaching ​​
  • Library of practical tools, templates, worksheets, frameworks, and scripts 
  • Private Member Area ​ ​
  • ​Dissolve Workplace Conflict Expert Series ​
  • ​Leadership Communication Expert Series​
  • ​Energetic Levels of Conflict ​


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I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and hold accredition with the International Coach Federation. As such I adhere to the ICF Ethics and Guidelines.

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