Be the Leader Who Inspires

Confidence, Others & Potential

Ending Workplace Bullying and Incivility in Healthcare

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to End Offensive Workplace Behaviours

Smile More At Work

Ending Workplace Bullying and Incivility in Healthcare

Equip your Leaders

Education and training on identifying offensive behaviours, including workplace bullying, and tools to engage in healthier conversations that build better relationships

Empower! Your Team

Encourage the belief in one's own abilities and potential for positive growth to reach new levels of personal and professional growth as they co-create psychologically safe workspaces for everyone

Enjoy The Benefits

Enjoy the ROI psychological safety brings! Happier employees means safer patient outcomes, better patient satisfaction scores, and employee retention 
(all huge savings!)

Imagine a Workplace Where ...

  • People work together and champion each other's success
  • Employees want to come to work because they feel valued, seen, and appreciated
  • Colleagues communicate respectfully and support each other to work through challenges
  • ​You LOVE your job because you are making a difference
Imagine a workplace where you have a waitlist of people wanting to work for you.  Now imagine being a leader in this workplace

 I can help you make this a reality

72% of workplace bullies reported are in leadership 

The only person you are 
destined to become is the
 person you decide to be


Ralph Waldo Emerson

Counselling and therapy take too long and the limited access means you and are more likely to revert back into old familiar patterns

There is no ongoing support to keep you on track with your goals.

The organization system focuses on managing you through job action / transfers/ "remediation" or termination

... and ignoring the fact that  interpersonal problems require interpersonal solutions - not job action

My name is Tammy and I help make great people like you better :) 

As an EX TARGET of workplace bullying, I know how to help employees and leaders crack the Relationship C.O.D.E. to resume the great work they do and build better teams.

Understand just what it is that is creates the negative perceptions so they can create strategies to eliminate them and build engaging and inclusive teams.

I know that people get all kinds of freaked out when it comes to bullies and abrasive leaders.

And I can’t blame you.

Between the “Respect in Workplace” policies that are difficult to enforce and the once a year group training session that does nothing to address the real issues people are facing, knowing what to do to manage these behaviours can be intimidating.

But they don’t have to be!


Are you a target of workplace bullying?

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Are you wondering if you have an abrasive leader?

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Team Training

Are you wondering if you have an abrasive leader?

Take this Free assessment to learn more

Close the gap from 
where you are
to where 
you want to be

Hi! I'm Tammy Dunnett, a highly respected nurse, educator, Leadership Coach, Mentor to Targets, YouTube Creator and Tik Tok dancer who champions psychologically safe workplaces 

Drawing from my personal journey with being a target of workplace bullying and the subsequent mental health struggles, I blend my research and work on creating psychological safety through conversations to bridge the gap from ineffective one-sided conversations, to effective two-way conversations; from the front line employee all the way up to the C Suite.

Psychological Safety 
is Good Business
Communication Skills for
Today's Healthcare Professional
Be the Leader Who Inspires
Confidence, Others, and Potential

Reclaim your Reputation 
and put your career 
back on track

Get out from under the negative effects 
of chronic conflict and bullying and get back to living
 a more peaceful and productive life by improving your communication skills today!

Start by downloading the Safe Conversation Starters

Communication is often Referred to as a Soft Skill, and

Soft Skills Are Your People Skills
Often Learned Through Life Experiences

But What If We Can Accelerated Your Growth 
and Save Lives Along The Way?

I Can Help!  Let's Get Started

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