The Conflict Resolution Solution for Healthcare Providers

April 26, 10 am MST

  • Learn why 85% of healthcare workers don't speak up in conflict ... he top mistakes made by well intentioned people, and why you want to avoid them  
  • 5 Secrets to creating a culture of courageous conversations, community, and better patient outcomes 
  • The top mistakes made by well intentioned people, and why you want to avoid them  

Be the Leader Who Inspires

Confidence, Others & Potential

Ending Workplace Bullying and Incivility in Healthcare

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I'm Tammy Dunnett, your communication coach and workplace conflict / bullying specialist. 

Working as a nurse and educator have provided some of my greatest moments for learning how to deal with conflict, but my own experience as a target of workplace bullying has taught me a great deal, and I want to share it all with you.

I am obsessed with helping women leaders like you learn how to confidently handle difficult conversations while keeping your reputation and relationships intact even if you feel like an imposter so that you can create your leadership legacy, and no one suffers like I did in the process.

Through my courses, coaching, and programs, you'll learn the art and science behind conversations that connect at the heart. The PAUSeD Model of Conflict Engagement is my process for shifting how you think, act, and engage so you can adapt and overcome barriers and achieve the leadership you desire.

Based on research and years of experience coaching nurses to navigate complex challenges, I bring my methods and tools to you so you can become a trusted leader, address issues professionally and successfully, and lead your team from a place of genuine connection, one conversation at a time.

Reclaim your Reputation 
and put your career 
back on track

Get out from under the negative effects 
of chronic conflict and bullying and get back to living
 a more peaceful and productive life by improving your communication skills today!

Start by downloading the Safe Conversation Starters

Communication is often Referred to as a Soft Skill, and

Soft Skills Are Your People Skills
Often Learned Through Life Experiences

But What If We Can Accelerated Your Growth 
and Save Lives Along The Way?

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