DISC Workshops: insightful, engaging, Informative

Open your eyes to how differently people perceive the workplace, and each other with a DISC Assessment and Workshop 

  • Trusted Insights by millions of people every year
  • ​Removes the guesswork on​ approaching "difficult" people
  • Improve problem solving, productivity and profits

WHAT is a DISC Assessment?

The DISC assessment helps participants learn how their own personalities, behaviors and communication styles correspond to others and how the management of those styles can significantly impact the overall success of the team.

Developed by psychologist William Moutlon Martson, and used by millions of people every year, the DISC assessment explores how individuals personally score in four universal areas of behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Help your team take the guesswork out of how to work effectively with others and explore how to maximize your strengths and develop high performance teams that achieve outcomes more efficiently.

Assessment can be completed individually or in a workshop with a Certified Human Behavior Consultant (that's me!)

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Professional Benefits of DISC Training

  • ​Improve communication for everyday interactions, and the not so everyday
  • ​Inspire others, potential, and change
  • ​Achieve better results
  • ​Become more productive
  • ​Boost team performance
  • ​Identify strengths
  • ​Boost team dynamic and productivity
  • ​Level up leadership potential 
  • ​Be a better leader
  • ​Understand how to motivate and encourage others
  • ​Deepen your Emotional intelligence

Personal Benefits of DISC Training

  • ​Personal Development
  • ​Improve communication skills with others
  • ​Learn how you come across to others
  • ​Healthier relationships through understanding
  • ​Success at home and work
  • ​Gain new strategies to resolve conflict
  • ​Identify how to see positive traits in ANY person
  • ​Get to know people quickly and with greater precision
  • ​Understand how to encourage others and inspire change
  • ​Connect with others more easily
  • ​Increase personal motivation and achievement

DISCover Your Strengths With One of
The Certified Disc Training Programs

(90 minutes, half day, full day)

Develop greater self-awareness and stronger people skills
to advance in the organization faster

For Teams

Increase Emotional Intelligence, Improve Interactions
& Minimize Conflict With Others

Identify your strengths, motivational style & expose blind spots to access your optimal zone of influence

  • Inspire cooperation with different personality styles while improving your own communication skills 
  • Activate your peak performance through uncovering personality styles, communication preferences, and pet peeves.
  • Collaborate more effectively
  • ​Take the guesswork out of conflict resolution with an individual personality test / personality assessment for each attendee to maximize impact and results


Understand Your Strengths, Eliminate Blind Spots & Communicate More Effectively

Improve productivity and profits by adapting
your leadership style to the needs of the team.

  • Influence outcomes and team cohesion among different personality styles while maximizing connections
  • Activate peak performance in others through uncovering personality styles, communication preferences, and pet peeves.
  • Resolve common workplace issues faster as you learn to adjust communication efforts to influence outcomes
  • Increase productivity and morale with a high trust environment and effective and personalized communication strategies that match individual personalities

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