Communication Skills for Today's Healthcare Professional

An abrasive leader who leaves a path of destruction in your department?

A staff member who is unaware of how they negatively impact others on the unit?

Staffing shortages, infighting and high turnover and you are not sure why?

You just might have a workplace bully and

An Empowered Team Member is Your Organization's First Line of Defence 
Against Patient Harm

The number of healthcare workers who witness or experience workplace bullying on a regular basis (pre pandemic) 

Source: Vital Smarts, Silence Kills

Breakdown in communication among team members is the number one reason behind sentinel events ... patient's experience increased risk for morbidity and mortality

Source: Communication for Nurses, McHugh-Shuster

The number of healthcare workers who Speak Up 
when witnessing incivility and bullying 

 85% of the time, they achieve successful resolution
of the conflict with one conversation

Source: VitalSmarts; Martha Griffin

Empower! Your Team to Have Caring Conversations

Learning how to have difficult conversations respectfully may literally be the difference between life and death.

Assertive communication used to be the "gold standard" but is sometimes the root of a conflict.

I want you to put those old labels away for now and explore the conflict engagement styles that will have you and your team reaching resolution with greater ease and speed.

Caring Conversation Framework

Start with the end in mind when planning your approach to sensitive topics.

How do I Empower! Others to Change?

Three key elements to consider are:

1) How you engage with others
2) Setting the stage for connection 
3) Methods to Inspire and Motivate

Conflict and Workplace Bullying are known causes of stress, decreased productivity, errors in patient care and rising organizational costs related to time off, turnover, team impact.

For every nurse you have to replace due to workplace bullying, it costs up to $150,000 in recruitment, onboarding, and training.

Let's put that $150,000 to better use and build better teams with some training

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