Thursday, July 20, 2023

Rest, Recover, Replenish

With the long days of summer, It is time to take a little pressure off, experience life from a new place (maybe the beach) and spend some time focuses on the three Rs: rest, recover, and replenish

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With the long days of summer, It is time to take a little pressure off, experience life from a new place (maybe the beach) and spend some time focuses on the three Rs: rest, recover, and replenish


☀️ Life is better lived outdoors.

I am reducing the number of emails and messages you are receiving to free you from the inbox so that you can find more enjoyment away from the screen 🎉 The Conquer Conflict Newsletter will be on summer vacation and will return in the fall


You can't recover from a race if you don't run. The same is true for leading change and having difficult conversations. If you try something once and fail don't let that mean you can't succeed. Failing is succeeding because it means

  • ​you are in the arena, not in the stands watching life go by
  • ​you are learning what works for you
  • ​you are refining your skills
  • ​you are creating change
  • ​


Fill your cup with all the resources and tools that will help you stay in the arena so you can create a culture that you are proud to work in.

Here are your quick links to access free resources, book me for your event, or connect with me to talk more about coaching opportunities.

Conference and Event Planners

I am excited to support healthcare providers in Vancouver, Cold Lake, Edmonton, and Wisconsin this fall AND I have room in Q3 and Q4 for your event.

Current keynotes / Workshops

* Gracefully Address Workplace Bullying, Without Risking Your Career

* Graceful Leadership and Psychological Safety: Strategies for Healthcare Leaders to Address Bullying and Incivility

🔥 inquire about my availability

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Unlock your potential and soar higher with coaching. I am continuing to coach throughout the summer and I am accepting new clients.

Who is coaching for?

People like you, and Scott.

As a healthcare professional, you know better than most the importance of staying on top of your game.

One way to achieve this is by working with a coach.

A coach can help you develop your leadership skills, provide guidance on navigating complex organizational issues, and support you in achieving your personal and professional goals.

As a specialist coach, I have additional insights and knowledge into communication skills, relationships, and conflict (including workplace bullying).

So whether you are a target of workplace bullying or a leader looking to create better working relationships, I can help.

If you have a High Performing but Abrasive Leader, I have also studied Boss Whispering and can help.

🔥 Book a no obligation, free discovery call with me today

Personal and Professional Development

These resources were developed after talking with hundreds of people just like you who were unsure of how to hold a difficult conversation (even if it involves a claim of bullying).


🔥 50 Powerful Scripts to Stop Offensive Behaviors = this resource takes the guesswork out of what to say when.

🔥 Courageous Conversation video training. Pair the 50 powerful scripts with the video series and 10x your confidence to step into conversation. Be sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel as I have some exciting content coming out soon.

🔥 Facts on Incivility and Bullying in Healthcare - we know it exists and sometimes data is needed to support funding for workshops and coaching.

🔥 Conquer Conflict Newsletter - Join the over 500 people who have already subscribed to the Conquer Conflict Newsletter and catch up on the content you have missed

🔥 Free 30 minute discovery session to create an action plan to get unstuck and moving towards your vision.


🎯 Personality Profile with DISC. Access a powerful self discovery tool and complete your very own DISC profile without needing to have a coaching session or a workshop.

The DISC assessment helps participants learn how their own personalities, behaviors and communication styles correspond to others and how the management of those styles can significantly impact the overall success of the team.BRING THE GANG TOGETHER FOR A WORKSHOP


✨DISCover Your Strengths With One of The Certified Disc Training Programs and Increase Emotional Intelligence, Improve Interactions & Minimize Conflict With Others

✨ Energize And Empower Yourself and Your Team From Your Zone Of Resilience And Well Being. Learn strategies to reach your potential as you adapt to everyday challenges, and the not so everyday by implementing a method to quickly assess your Resilience Status in any moment so you can make better decisions that are aligned with your values and goals, even when you feel uncertain

✨ Gracefully Address Workplace Bullying, Without Risking Your Career. This keynote presentation adapts well into a workshop to to inspire nursing clinicians, educators, and leaders to have more courageous conversations so they can smile more at work.

To your success,


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