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Conquer Conflict Academy

Get Your Time (and Life) Back

  • Better Conversations, Faster Resolution: Resolve conflict and end bully like behaviours without creating more drama
  • ​Find more Peace and Increase Productivity  
  • ​Gracefully Lead Difficult Conversations at any stage of your career  Research based,  Scientifically proven results

"Tammy helped me see that I can create space for difficult conversations and  she showed me how to have open discussions with others when our views were oppositional and still stay friendly.  I was able to take these skills and apply them outside of the training with the same results and success"  Dezi

Let's Bend the Rules in your favour
and poke around to see what's really possible for you 

  • Increase your confidence and competence to address offensive behaviors early, before the escalate into bigger problems
  • Take advantage of new opportunities arise as your career accelerates in the right direction
  • Rediscover the respect you have for yourself and others as you collaborate more and fight less
  • ​Enjoy a more peaceful and productive life because you are spending less time and effort on the things that were not working

This program is for healthcare professionals and leaders who want to deal with offensive workplace behaviours effectively; without creating more drama

An abrasive leaders who leaves a path of destruction in your department

A staff member who is unaware of their negative impact on others in the unit

Fighting, gossiping, backstabbing creating staffing shortages and high turnover

Up to 85% of healthcare professionals observe/experience bullying behaviors on a regular basis BUT don't know how to make it stop

That's where I can help

What's Inside the Conquer Conflict Academy?

REAL WORLD SOLUTIONS for Real World Problems 

  • Get ready to break the chains of self doubt, uncertainty, imposter syndrome and lack lustre results that are keeping you from performing at your peak
  • ​Take the guesswork out of what to say when ... with templates, frameworks and live support using​ research based and scientifically proven strategies that get results
  • ​Live mentoring and coaching in a community focused on supporting your goals and vision
  • ​Avoid common pitfalls as you gracefully transition to a masterful and courageous communicator capable of leaping buildings in a single bound (oh, wait, that is Superman ... fair warning, you may feel like superman after this course but don't attempt to leap over buildings)
  • ​Like opening a window for a breath of fresh air, your one on one coaching sessions are a place where you can exhale, and get real with the struggles in your path
  • ​Together, we take a new approach to look at a current problem so you can get outside of the box you feel squeezed into and moving towards the vision you hold for your life
  • ​Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions​ tailored to your schedule and needs to help you build confidence and competence as you master the content
  • Downloadable worksheets 
  • ​Frameworks and Scripts to guide your conversations
  • ​Templates, transcripts, tutorials
  • ​Responsive resources (you come with an issue not covered in the course and if I can support you, I will source the support for you)
  • ​Nothing left out, nothing is assumed
  • Prefer to listen while you walk in the park?  No problem! There are many benefits to listening while you "work" so go ahead and lace up those shoes. 
  • Audio files help increase information retention and integration of course content
  • ​Tap into the flexibility of learning without having to be in a physical location.
  • ​Multitasking? Listen while you drive, cook, paint, or clean.​
  • ​Listen over and over, as often as you like and when you need it
  • All your content in one place
  • ​100% Community and support

PLUS Get Free Access to Three of My Most In Demand Trainings

Conflict Crushing Game Changer

We have all been there, wanting to say or do something but afraid it will not go as we hope. You can change all that with these five steps that will have you seeing positive changes before you are done the series!

Should You Just Let It Go?

Should you let it go or does it deserve a final "clear the air" conversation? In this short series you will go from wondering to knowing what your next step will be

Boost Your Boundaries

Tired of people not respecting your boundaries? Protect your energy and your space from the 7 most common Conflict Mis-Styles present in the workplace today and learn some new Self Care Strategies 

The Conquer Conflict Course Overview

... that is not all

When you register, you will have get access to over 50 expert sessions 
focused on helping you achieve your goals faster

Communication Skills for Leaders

Over 20 Expert Sessions on topics today's leader needs such as

✔️ Emotional Intelligence
✔️ Build a Culture of Feedback
✔️ Become a TRUSTed Leader
✔️ Outsmart Imposter Syndrome
✔️ Becoming Trauma Informed
✔️ Avoiding Burnout
✔️ and so much more

Energetic Levels of Conflict

Trina Serrecchia is a Transformational Business Energetics mindset coach and in this workshop presents the six levels of transformation to help you reduce imposter syndrome & self-sabotage so you can increase self-worth, and step into your full potential

Dissolve Workplace Conflict

Ditch the Drama, Confidently Handle Difficult Conversations, and Create Better Relationships with these expert sessions:

✔️ Designing your Personal Brand
✔️ Uncovering Unconscious Bias
✔️ Partnering with Human Resources
✔️ Happiness in the Workplace
✔️ Conflict and Bullying Strategies
✔️ and so much more

Learn to Thrive Again with me,

Hi! my name is Tammy

I help healthcare professionals and leaders master the art of courageous conversations so they can create a career where they are respected, appreciated, and empowered.

As an Ex-target of working bullying, Nurse Educator, and Communication Coach, my mission is to change the way relationship is done, one conversation at a time.

I am a Leadership and Communication Skills coach, certified professional coach (ACC, CPCC), Human Behavior Consultant (DISC), Boss Whisperer (Boss Whispering Institute) and an ex-target of workplace bullying.

I bring my 10 plus years of teaching communication skills and research into workplace bullying to you so you can shortcut your way to success

I Knew Solutions Existed ... But I Went Through Hell To Find Them

At the age of 40, I found myself in the most difficult situation ever. I was being harassed and bullied by a nurse supervisor

I knew the solution to our interpersonal problems had to be between us, but I could not figure out what to do and the advice from my leadership team and colleagues only disappointed me more, leaving me to rely on the medical system. Medications, therapy, and stress leave do not fix interpersonal problems. They keep people medicated to stay in workplaces that harm them.

I felt alone, frustrated, and angry at the lack of meaningful support and as a result, started suffering panic attacks and anxiety so bad that I eventually shut myself in my home.

Isolated and Alone

I know those feelings of hopelessness as you ask others to help and they distance themselves from you and offer their best advice ... "ignore it".

I know the loneliness that comes when no one hears you and the empty promises "things will get better" from people who have no idea what you are going through.

I also know the desperation that sets in when you know there is a simple fix but you can't get access to the resources or support you need.

I have seen the impact to my team and how it affected our daily work.

I Began to Ask: Is it my fault? 

I know that helpless feeling you get when you lay awake at night, worried you will have to go back to work tomorrow and you have not figured out how to make things stop.

It feels impossible! The anger, disappointment, and fear are seeping into your personal life and you are miserable and constantly stressed

Suddenly you wonder "is this my fault? ... do I deserve this?"

That was me too (and NO! You do not deserve it)

You know the answer is out there - but you just can't seem to get access to it

I've experienced the pain and suffering you feel when your career and relationships are falling apart in front of you and you feel powerless to fix things.

You Don't Need to Suffer Alone
There is Help and it is Here 

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Content + Coaching + Community
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Cohort Learning Community 

Ideal for groups of 6 to 20

Live Online Classroom

Join our virtual classroom from anywhere in the world, by phone or Zoom**

Expert Resources

over 50 additional expert resources to help you address your toughest topics

Private 1:1 Coaching

Personalized support in a private coaching setting with a certified professional coach (ACC, CPCC)

** Live In Person Options available for private courses, Inquire at

Registration Includes

  • 12 hours of Live coaching and mentoring sessions over 8 classes
  • ​4 Private 1:1 laser coaching ​
  • Templates, worksheets, frameworks, scripts
  • ​Audio Files for On the Go Learning
  • ​Private Member Area
  • 5 Steps to More Confidence Minicourse
  • ​Conflict Engagement Framework
  • ​Boundary Boosting Bundle
  • ​Dissolve Workplace Conflict Expert Series
  • ​Leadership Communication Expert Series
  • ​Energetic Levels of Conflict