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Graceful, Courageous

Increase Clarity, Confidence,
and Results

So You Can
Focus on What Really Matters!

Uncovering your reason for being and leading
to create a vision and a plan for your career and life

BUT... Courageous Leaders Coaching is not for everyone.

It’s only for you if you’re willing to learn, grow, face your roadblocks, and truly move forward.

Courageous Leadership Coaching focuses on uncovering your reason for being and leading to create a vision and a plan for your career and life today, and your future. 

Building a life worth living and a leadership legacy worth sharing.

It's time to close the gap
from where you are

to where you want to be

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Why Work with Tammy?

Let me start by asking you a question (a quick intro to coaching)

What is one of your most challenging obstacles as a leader?

> Did you think about that challenging colleague or employee that consumes 80% of your time?

> Did you think about how no one listens to you even though you have years of experience?

> Are you wondering how to be seen as a capable leader so you can take on bigger projects and challenges and continue to grow with the company?

The success we have in life comes down to two things:

1. Our relationship with self
2. Our relationships with others

... and I know a lot about people and communication.

I know self sabotage and doubt can cripple us, and what it takes to overcome the critical self talk.

I know what conflict and bullying can do to people, and how you can change things and be a positive influence

I know how people act in difficult times and how to work with these dynamics for better relationships and outcomes.

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PLUS, I have insider information every leader needs.

Aside from working in various leadership positions, I was a target of workplace bullying. I know what I needed and I help you develop those insights to increase your influence and trust in the most challenging times employees will experience.

PS, the academic stuff no one ever asks about: Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) Masters of Nursing (Ed), Bachelor of Nursing (MN, BN), Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, Trained in Boss Whispering (Abrasive Leaders) and Positive Intelligence


What others are saying about Coaching

and what really matters to them about how I help  

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Are you ready to explore what Graceful Courageous Leadership Coaching can do for you?

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