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Unlock Your Potential

Leadership and Communication Skills Coaching
to Increase Clarity, Confidence, and Results

I am calmer and more confident!
For someone seeing me from the outside, it might be a subtle difference, but the biggest difference is internally; I am just feeling more confident about my ability to resolve things and to collaborate with people
~ Martine, General Manager

It's time to close the gap
from where you are

to where you want to be

Why Work with Tammy?

What is one of your most challenging obstacles as a leader?

> Did you think about that challenging colleague or employee that consumes 80% of your time?

> Did you think about how no one listens to you even though you have years of experience?

> Are you wondering how to be seen as a capable leader so you can take on bigger projects and challenges and continue to grow with the company?

The success we have in life comes down to two things:

1. Our relationship with self
2. Our relationships with others

... and I know a lot about people and communication

I know self sabotage and doubt can cripple us, and what it takes to overcome the critical self talk.

I know what conflict and bullying can do to people, and how you can change things and be a positive influence

I know how people act in difficult times and how to work with these dynamics for better relationships and outcomes.

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PLUS, I have insider information every leader needs.

Aside from working in various leadership positions, I was a target of workplace bullying. I know what I needed and I help you develop those insights to increase your influence and trust in the most challenging times employees will experience.

PS, the academic stuff no one ever asks about but I like to share

I am a Member of the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
Masters of Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing (MN, BN)
Certified Human Behaviour Consultant (DISC)
Psychological Health and Safety Advisor
Trained in Boss Whispering (Abrasive Leaders) and Positive Intelligence

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What others are saying about Coaching

and what really matters to them about how I help  

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Are you ready to explore what Coaching can do for you?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional practice where you work with a qualified coach to achieve your goals. Your coach will be trained and evaluated in a variety of coaching skills and some offer specialized assessments like DISC Profile to clients as part of their services.

Common coaching certifications include CPCC, ACC, PCC, MCC 

How does coaching work?

You meet in person, on the phone or in a virtual room on a regular basis in a 1:1, group or hybrid setting. You will bring a topic to explore (i.e. imposter syndrome, work-life balance, or changing careers) and the coach uses a variety of coaching tools and strategies to help you develop deeper insights to guide your decision making.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Where therapy helps you understand and heal the past, coaching focuses on the present day and creating the future.

In coaching, your past informs current day challenges and is utilized to understand how it is impacting your  decisions, so that you can decide if any adjustments are needed to keep you moving towards the life you want to create.

Some clients use both therapy and coaching during the same time frame. Others will move from therapy to a coaching relationship as the two modalities meet different needs.

How does mentoring and consulting differ from coaching?

A mentor provides advice to enhance the mentee's professional performance and development and a role model and support system for the mentee

Coaching is an exploration which may lead to the realization that you require a mentor to help you achieve your goals.

Coaches with expertise in a particular area such as leadership or communication skills may offer both coaching and mentoring. Working with someone who has specialized knowledge may shorten the time to successful achievement of your goals.

Should I work with a coach?

Working with a coach is like any other investment you make in your life.

You hire a personal fitness trainer to get your body in shape and an accountant to keep your finances in order. A coach is a certified professional in the art and science of coaching to help you achieve success in your life, love, and career.

People work with coaches when they want to live a more fulfilling and aligned life, are struggling with an ongoing situation, want to advance in their careers, have taken on a new role, and many more reasons.

I recommend meeting with 3 coaches before you decide who you want to work with as the relationships between a coach and a client is just as important.

Are there different types of coaches?

You can choose to work with a generalist certified life coach or select from a range of specialist coaches.

While all coaches can work as a generalist, not all generalists have the skillset to work as specialists. 

A specialist coach is someone who has achieved a deeper knowledge and expertise in a particular field of study through education, training, and/or experience.

Deciding which type of coach you work with will depend on your personal and professional goals, how well you vibe with them (trust me, you want to feel safe with your coach) and your budget.

What type of coach is Tammy?

I am a specialist coach in leadership and communication skills. My secret sauce is helping professionals communicate better as a major tool to enhance the employee experience which boosts engagement and productivity. As a side bonus, this results in fewer issues related to conflict and bullying at work.  

Many people work with me because of my personal experience as a target and feel comforted by the fact that I understand them and what they are going through.

Others come to be because they want to be a better leader and improve the relationships they have to increase their influence.

Other have heard me speak at a conference, on YouTube, or a podcast and felt drawn to my energy and calm confidence.

Whatever the reason you choose to work with a coach, be sure to test drive them out first.

What does coaching cost?

Your financial investment is a commitment to you and will depend on several factors.

1. The coach you hire. Generally speaking, a generalist coach is accessible at a lower fee point than a specialist coach.  

2. The package you invest in. Packages may include a set number of coaching sessions only, an opportunity to access support in between sessions, online courses or training, a private community, and additional resources focused on increasing your success.

3. The length of your initial agreement. An initial coaching packages can be 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on your goals and timeline. 

These are all points to ask your new coach about when designing your relationship.

What are the benefits of coaching?

The benefits are limitless and far reaching. The best way I can express the opportunities coaching provides is to have you review the testimonials from past clients.

 What timezone are the calls?

Generally speaking, my schedule is Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm Mountain Standard time with some exceptions. Clients sessions outside of these hours are available upon request and as my schedule accommodates.

If you are read all this information, there is only one thing left to do ...

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