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Graceful Leadership and Thriving Workplace Cultures

Create a Workplace You Want to Work In,
and Other's Won't Want to Leave

Preparing Leaders for Everyday Conversations
... and the Not So Everyday

Difficult Conversations, Feedback, Conflict Resolution, Workplace Bullying

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Equip Your Leaders

Leadership Coaching and Development

Equip your leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to transform your workplace.

Build trust and openness with your team, encourage honest and constructive feedback and recognize and address toxic communication patterns, such as interrupting, dominating, or attacking behaviors with confidence.

Create psychological safety in the workplace, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all team members and stakeholders.

Inquire about Speciality 1:1 Coaching for High Performance Leaders who have a reputation for being Abrasive (Boss Whispering) 

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Empower Your Team

Workshops and Employee Support

Empowering frontline professionals to be part of the solution.

Learn what constitutes bullying and incivility in the workplace, how to recognize these behaviors, and develop the communication skills needed to create a safer and more respectful workplace culture.

Build and maintain positive relationships with colleagues while promoting teamwork and collaboration to keep your top talent, improve morale, and improve outcomes.

Give your team the advantage!

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Engage Your Organization


Bring the entire organization together with a common vision, process, and language around  creating psychological health and safety in the workplace to effectively end workplace bullying.

Insightful and dynamic, Tammy  shares a healthy balance of personal experiences and professional expertise while simplifying the process to gracefully address offensive and bullying behaviours.

2023 Topic:

Gracefully Address Workplace Bullying in Healthcare

Imagine A Workplace Culture Where...

  • People communicate effectively and have effective two-way communication instead of one sided claims​
  • ​Employees want to come to work because they feel valued, seen, and appreciated
  • Team members feel safe to bring forward concerns and objections to improve quality of care
  • Leaders feel capable and confident they can model and mentor others to co-create a psychological safe workplace

Unresolved Conflict and Bullying in Healthcare Hurts Everyone

  • ​85% of nurses report witnessing or experiencing bullying on a regular basis
  • ​62% of healthcare workers experience workplace violence, verbal assaults being the most common form
  • 80% of medical errors can be linked to communication breakdown
  • ​20% of new nurses leave their first job in the first year

The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership
and it's Impact is Felt at Every Level of an Organization

Quote by James Humes


My name is Tammy Dunnett and I help healthcare professionals, educators and leaders end incivility and bullying so they can create a respectful and supportive culture.

With all the things I could be in the world ... why do I want to end incivility and bullying?

Two reasons

First, as an ex target of workplace bullying, I experienced first hand the impact of ill equipped leaders. Medications, stress leave, and therapy did not fix the problem, they were band aids to keep me at work, in a place that continued to hurt me.

Second, I found real solutions when I started teaching communication skills. Combined with my personal experience and research into bullying, I was seeing the positive changes in my own life and those I was helping.

It would be wrong to keep this to myself!

I am closing the gap on creating psychologically safe workplaces and eliminating offensive behaviours. As a leadership coach, organizational trainer, author, and keynote speaker, I help you create a career where you are respected, empowered, and appreciated.

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Communication is heart of workplace

I Can Help, Let's Get Started

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“I feel confident!”

“I didn't realize how much I was reacting all the time, like feeling bad about everything. I don't have to feel that way, that was my biggest takeaway" - Martine Prince

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“Changed my approach!”

“Learning how to give myself permission to not react right away has changed my approach ... I feel more confident in my ability to address things without making them worse”  - Martine Pauline

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“It has made a difference!"

“Tammy has been there with me for 6 months to help me see what I can't see or choose not to hear and it has made a difference.”  - Kenneth Woods

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