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Hi! My name is Tammy and for more than 20 years I have been working in some of the most challenging and even hostile environments like Afghanistan, nursing, and post secondary education

I know what it takes for leaders to be successful in stressful environments and I help you leverage the power of relationships to drive productivity, outcomes and results 

As an executive leadership coach and experienced facilitator with more than 5000 hours training and speaking with leaders at all levels, I have personally supported leaders in post secondary education, healthcare, government, technology, legal system, and human resources in Canada and the United States to improve work cultures, build trust, and improve retention rates.

One on One Coaching

One to One
Executive & Leadership Coaching

Elevate Your Leadership Skills and Achieve Unparalleled Success

​A one-to-one coaching program is tailored to meet the unique needs of ambitious professionals like yourself who are seeking to advance their careers and experience personal growth

​Whether you're looking to enhance your leadership skills, accelerate your professional growth, or overcome challenges, our experienced coaches are here to provide the expertise and accountability you need. Take the next step towards realizing your goals and schedule your coaching session today.

Industry Leading Assessments

Unlock your potential with our industry-leading assessments such as Leader 360, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Leadership Effectiveness and DISC Personality Profiles designed to provide a profound understanding of your unique leadership style.

Discover strategies and insights tailored to your specific needs, whether you want to enhance your working relationships, improve your management skills, or become a more effective leader.

Gain a fresh perspective on conflict resolution, communication abilities, and unleash hidden strengths that will elevate your success.

Specialized 1:1 Coaching
Workplace Bullying 

Once a target herself, Tammy knows how to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.  Now an ex-target, Tammy's coaching focuses on equipping you with the tools and strategies to reclaim your reputation and shed the victim mentality for good!

Tammy understands the challenges you face and has the tools to help you restore psychological safety and credibility in your professional environment.

Take the first step towards a healthier and more productive workplace by signing up for our specialized coaching today.​

​Ask about the Speciality Boss Whispering, a Coaching Service dedicated to turning Abrasive Leaders into People Leaders

Customized Workshops

Welcome to our suite of transformative workshops designed to empower organizations in fostering cohesive, high-performing teams. 

Recognizing that every organization is unique, Tammy offers tailored workshops to address specific needs and goals. Whether it's leadership development, communication skills, conflict resolution, or team-building activities, Tammy collaborates closely with clients to design programs that align with their vision and objectives.

Elevate your team's performance with our immersive workshops. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards building stronger, more resilient teams primed for success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Case Studies

Overcoming Workplace Adversity
Empowering Professionals to Thrive and Succeed

Meet Julia!

Meet Julia, a high-achieving Senior Director whose career was at a standstill after she found herself in a talk-sick workplace. She approached her senior leadership about the issues she was experiencing, and felt she received little to no direction or support and eventually found herself out of work and feeling fearful, doubtful, and anxious. The misconduct she suffered through in her previous position was affecting her mindset, job hunt, and her life.

We began exploring her mindset and the saboteurs that were holding her hostage. Over time and with focused effort, Julia began to see how the saboteurs in her mind were running her life and she quickly learned to feel, hear, and see them when they came up so she could properly analyze and restructure her frame of mind. Julia saw how she was able to free herself from the "constant B.S" she was listening to in her own mind.

With the mental blocks cleared, Julia created a new vision for her life. At the end of our coaching, Julia shared that was able to see so much good coming into her life because of the work we did together. She was offered a job in one of the worlds largest social media companies during a time when they were laying off 11,000 employees. She continues to work in a leadership position, coaching, training, and developing a team of 10 employees.

Break Free from Fear: Embrace Your Authenticity
and Shine as Your Best Self!

Meet Kim!

Kim was an expert at bringing the human element into healthcare as a nurse and was identified as a rising star. Rising through the ranks quickly, Kim became a regional director for one of the largest health services providers in Canada. However, she faced challenges in her corporate role, feeling the pressure to conform and losing touch with her true self. 

Determined to reclaim her authenticity, Kim sought coaching to explore how she could still be her genuine self while excelling in her corporate position. Together, we identified key performance indicators, clarified her roles and values, and developed strategies to navigate conflict and tension. She wanted to explore how she could still be “Kim and be corporate”.

Kim's transformation was remarkable. With improved communication skills and a newfound sense of community and collaboration, she fostered an engaging team and achieved better patient outcomes and satisfaction ratings.

Hear What Clients Have to Say

Inspiring Transformations and Results

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Ready to Take the Leap?

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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is coaching?

Coaching is a professional practice where you work with a qualified coach to achieve your goals. Your coach will be trained and evaluated in a variety of coaching skills and some offer specialized assessments like DISC Profile to clients as part of their services. Common coaching certifications include CPCC, ACC, PCC, MCC 

 How does coaching work?

You meet in person, on the phone or in a virtual room on a regular basis in a 1:1, group or hybrid setting. You will bring a topic to explore (i.e. imposter syndrome, work-life balance, or changing careers) and the coach uses a variety of coaching tools and strategies to help you develop deeper insights to guide your decision making.

 What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Where therapy helps you understand and heal the past, coaching focuses on the present day and creating the future.

In coaching, your past informs current day challenges and is utilized to understand how it is impacting your  decisions, so that you can decide if any adjustments are needed to keep you moving towards the life you want to create.

Some clients use both therapy and coaching during the same time frame. Others will move from therapy to a coaching relationship as the two modalities meet different needs.

 How does mentoring and consulting differ from coaching?

A mentor provides advice to enhance the mentee's professional performance and development and a role model and support system for the mentee

Coaching is an exploration which may lead to the realization that you require a mentor to help you achieve your goals.

Coaches with expertise in a particular area such as leadership or communication skills may offer both coaching and mentoring. Working with someone who has specialized knowledge may shorten the time to successful achievement of your goals.

 Should I work with a coach?

You hire a personal fitness trainer to get your body in shape and an accountant to keep your finances in order. A coach is a certified professional in the art and science of coaching to help you achieve success in your life, love, and career.

People work with coaches when they want to live a more fulfilling and aligned life, are struggling with an ongoing situation, want to advance in their careers, have taken on a new role, and many more reasons.

 Are there different types of coaches?

Yes. While all coaches can work as a general coach, a specialist coach is someone who has achieved a deeper knowledge and expertise in a particular field of study through education, training, and/or experience.

Deciding which type of coach you work with will depend on your personal and professional goals, how well you vibe with them (trust me, you want to feel safe with your coach) and your budget.

 What type of coach is Tammy?

I am a specialist coach with 20 years experience in working in challenging and even hostile environments like Afghanistan, healthcare, and post secondary education and I know what leaders need to do to be successful in high stress environments. 

Two areas of special interest for me include communication skills and psychological safety. It is my personal experience as a target of workplace bullying and subsequent studies in my Masters of Nursing that supports people as they work to maximize connections and minimize conflict. 

 What does coaching cost?

Your financial investment is a commitment to you and will depend on several factors.

1. The coach you hire. Generally speaking, a generalist coach is accessible at a lower fee point than a specialist coach.  

2. The package you invest in. Packages may include a set number of coaching sessions only, an opportunity to access support in between sessions, online courses or training, a private community, and additional resources focused on increasing your success.

3. The length of your initial agreement. An initial coaching packages can be 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on your goals and timeline. 

These are all points to ask your new coach about when designing your relationship.

 What are the benefits of coaching?

The benefits are limitless and far reaching. The best way I can express the opportunities coaching provides is to have you review the testimonials from past clients.

Ready to Take the Leap?

Embrace Your Transformation and Begin Your Journey to Success Today! ​


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Unresolved Conflict Hurts Everyone

  • ​85% of nurses report witnessing or experiencing bullying on a regular basis
  • ​62% of healthcare workers experience workplace violence, verbal assaults being the most common form
  • 80% of medical errors can be linked to communication breakdown
  • ​20% of new nurses leave their first job in the first year

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“I feel confident!”

“I didn't realize how much I was reacting all the time, like feeling bad about everything. I don't have to feel that way, that was my biggest takeaway" - Martine Prince

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“Changed my approach!”

“Learning how to give myself permission to not react right away has changed my approach ... I feel more confident in my ability to address things without making them worse”  - Martine Pauline

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“It has made a difference!"

“Tammy has been there with me for 6 months to help me see what I can't see or choose not to hear and it has made a difference.”  - Kenneth Woods

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and hold accredition with the International Coach Federation. As such I adhere to the ICF Ethics and Guidelines.

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Alberta Canada

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